the workspace

how we work

We work together. We connect, share, create, and help others do the same. Factory Campus was built on the idea that many minds are better than one, we believe in people who love what they do and want to create something great while surrounded by like-minded people in an innovative and creative space.

From freelancers, entrepreneurs, business nomads, corporate innovators and startups, to well-established companies, teams and international creatives, we believe in cultivating a community surrounded by innovators, makers, and visionaries.

Meet the team

Yvonne Firdaus


As a true pioneer and entrepreneur, Yvonne is convinced by the power of talent and diversity. She finds it thrilling to throw yourself into the unknown. Finding her own and other's potential is what drives her. As Yvonne never stops to question the status quo, she makes the impossible with this beautiful, talented, and diverse team POSSIBLE.

Melissa Steinberg

Host Supervisor

With a passion for coworking and community development, Melissa is the Host Supervisor and leads the way in making sure that Factory Campus is functioning properly and our members are taken care of.

Teresa Cordova

Marketing Manager

A digital communications enthusiast with a passion for innovation and creativity. Teresa creates and executes the marketing, content, and social media strategy while collaborating with her peers, brands, and other creatives while building the Factory Campus brand with the rest of the team.

Chakib Tsouli

Product Designer

Chakib is a multidisciplinary designer with a strong eagerness to challenge the conventions and poke through new fields and experiences. That is shown through his long track record of 8 years of experience with companies ranging from the automotive industry to real-estate and tech startups.

Ulrike Kerkmann

Project Room Management

Ulrike has a passion for hospitality. With extensive experience in event organisation and all kinds of gastronomy and catering she will bring your event to life.

Ralf Neuhäuser

Community Ambassador

Since his first visit to the campus, Ralf is charmed by its almost unlimited spatial possibilities. Many of you already know him from his Factory Campus tours, but he also acts as a networking ambassador for Factory Campus.

Marcus Weiner

IT Engineer

Marcus is building IT infrastructure for the Campus. He makes sure you can use all the digital infrastructure without even thinking about it. Also Marcus builds easier ways for customers to access the services of the campus through the upcomoing Factory Campus App.

Natalie Friedrich

IT Support Assistant

Natalie is responsible for the 2nd level support and looks after the technical equipment and external IT communication. With her project 'Refugees on Rails Düsseldorf', she is contributing to the programming of refugees in the Factory Campus.

Vasco Bontje

Project Leader - Sustainable Startup Program

A constant desire to explore and develop new ideas is what Vasco likes best in his work. Having lived and worked in various countries and being a team member of multiple startups, Vasco is dedicated to add value to the ambitious sustainable startup project.

Daniel Jansen

Conceptual Design - Sustainable Startup Program

Daniel is fascinated by the innovative potential coworking offers to aspiring Solopreneurs and Startups. With his experience in applied sustainability research, he deals with the Conceptual Design of Sustainable Startup Program.

Lamia Afify

Controlling - Sustainable Startup Program

After working in sustainability in different parts of the world, Lamia has now arrived in Düsseldorf and is aiming to make sustainable value creation a strategic part of every startup. Using innovation, creativity and effective collaboration, it is her vision to enable a sustainable lifestyle for everyone.

Daria Barczat


As one of our full-time hosts, Daria assists with making Factory Campus run smoothly. She is interested in urban gardening and sustainability. With a passion for languages, she is multilingual and open minded.

Jessica Sander


Jessica studies International Management and is part of the Host Team at Factory Campus. She is eager to participate and contribute to the Factory Campus as much as she can give. She will be supporting you with whatever needs to be done – like a Helping Hand.

Anaïs Gregorious


Anaïs is the newest member of the team. She finished her studies just a couple of month ago and now is ready for the real work life. Working as a host, she always has a friendly ear for you.

Gianluca Della Libera


Gianluca gained practical experiences in different fields within the hospitality industry making use of his communicative skills. Here at Factory Campus is happy to help with any type of questions as part of the Host team.