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Our mission

By integrating sustainability and CSR as an integral pillar of the business model, we improve the competitiveness of start-ups and increase the positive impact of entrepreneurship on society and environment. We offer workshops, consulting and mentoring activities as well as a network with representations from the private sector and universities. With our approach we aim at making sustainability the status quo for startups.

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What we do

the status quo

Communication with the market is key. To provide the best solutions, we need to know the market and the startup ecosystem by heart. We seek the direct dialogue with the stakeholders to fully comprehend their challenges and to develop tailored solutions.

the next phase

You wonder how sustainability fits in your business model and how to implement it? And do you ask yourself how sustainability can add value to your business? Then come by our office - we are offering free consultancy sessions.

The next sustainable event

Together with Düsseldorf- located author Stefan Keller, we will soon be holding a Storytelling-Workshop, that features sustainability topics, too. Stay tuned for updates!

who we are

The Sustainable Startup Program (SSP) is a Research & Development project, that creates an integral development program with a special focus on sustainability. It aims at Startups in the NRW region. The professional experience of our three-headed team provides expertise in interdisciplinary fields such as customer relationship, business and startup

development, creative and digital industry, and of course, sustainability. We enjoy the challenge of creating something new and are eager to connect with partners sharing our ambitions. Our program is supported by the Fonds für regionale Entwicklung NRW (EFRE.NRW), the European Union, Sipgate and Brigitte Schulz Krefelder Pflegedienst.

Meet the team

vasco bontje
vasco bontje project leader
lamia afify
lamia afify controlling
daniel jansen
daniel jansen conceptual design

Meet our supporters

The contest „CreateMedia.NRW“ promotes ideas, that support the innovative momentum and sustainable competitiveness of the key market and to secure employment and wealth. GarageBilk was granted the promotion of building a concept for a program supporting startups in the creative and digital sector. With a team of 3, it is developed since October 2015 for 2 years. Since October 2016, we are located in the facilities of Factory Campus. We are supported by: